For Buyers and Sellers

Rent vs. Buy

It’s the age-old question: should you rent or should you buy? Of course, based on the financial data, each market in the country can give you a different answer. A great article from breaks down the issue: The traditional rent…

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Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

Did you know . . . there are significant tax benefits to owning a home? Oftentimes, renters and potential first-time homebuyers don’t factor in the cost savings that can accrue when you own a property. Your mortgage interest, property taxes,…

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The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

Buying a home is one of the most stressful decisions you can make. Getting accurate information about the unexpected costs that come with purchasing a property can limit stress and help you make informed decisions. See some of the most common hidden…

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The 5 Most Common Home Buyer Mistakes

Home-buying can be a whirlwind, emotion-filled phase of your life. And for good reason – choosing a new house is more than just picking a product. It’s about family, a community, your future, and your home. Check out five of the…

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